Soldier Tweets About His Experience In Maiduguri (Photos)

Soldier Tweets About His Experience In Maiduguri (Photos)

A soldier in Maiduguri has tweeted about his experience at the war front. He wrote about his reasons for fighting, the attitude of other military personnel, the challenges he faces (imcluding land mines) and the welfare situation of the troops on the frontline.

We stopped by in a Location close to Lake Chad. Those Naval personnel stationed in that Axis. . . hmm, I rest my case.

One came to me and said, “Oboi una don turn Animal for this Bush o”. After telling him how long I’ve stayed in the Frontline he shouted and said do I still have life? I told him here am I talking to you. Those who ran away from the operation who are afraid to die, some are no more today…Those who advised me then never to join the Military that I will die, some are no more today, they died before me.

So why should I be afraid to fight and die for my father land?? Those who were brainwashed and are happy to die and go to heaven to meet their so called Virgins… Then why won’t I be happy to die and go to Paradise

My father served the military for 38 years he was ready to call it quit if not being forced after fighting Biafra, ECOMOG and the rest.

We are Armed forces in our family, incase you don’t know. We are 5 in number in this Operation from the same Parent and we are very happy to be here.

Narrating story to the naval friend.. He was short of words and said that he’s only some months here and he’s thinking of quitting the Job. . . . I said, “listen quitters never win and winners never quit… Stay strong and bleed more in war times. Bleed less during peace”

he was looking at me like a dead man walking… Who will stay and fight if all of us here quit the Job we willingly Join?? The Military is the best Job one will ever think of as a Career if not for some selfish people we have as leaders.

Only GOD knows where those Officers and Generals my father use to tell us about are now.. during ECOMOG and other Guerilla wars Nigeria encountered…

Dear @MBuhari 4 years is drawing near yet nothing is heard about the NIPPS. . . We don’t ask for increament but pay us what is coming from CBN.. the so called finance and other selfish people can’t sit down comfortably and be eating our sweat. . . why will a Hundred plus thousand come for a Soldier monthly some people will cut it down to 48 thousand?

How will they ever see Heaven?? There’s serious Judgement in Heaven.. even the day of judgement I will still stab those that cheated on this suffering and go to Hell… Please do something because we and our families are dying in pains

Dear COAS please those young Soldiers in the Frontline are Okay.. I see no reason why the so called experience Soldiers are afraid to come to the Frontline. . The amount of young Soldiers I see in the Frontline recently is very alarming. Those fat legs who prefer going to Liberia and Sudan to count Dollars bring them here and let these young Soldiers go and learn Military job gain some experience before bringing them hear.

The only problem we have now is land Mines aside that Maiduguri is very cool and calm now. Infact you can walk from Tumbu Gini to Maiduguri without fear.. “only if you know the area”

Dear CNS please let your men know they are coming to Maiduguri for Operation not to come and die why putting such negative thought in their mind about being here to die.

Do you know that, aside Politics, it can’t take up to 8 days to flush and clear everything called BHT?? But where will another ATM open for the so called. . . .

Only God will save the poor in Nigeria. Good day.

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