“Is My Neighbor Pretending Or She’s Not In Love?”

Um, I just relocated to my new apartment and it’s been all friendly throughout with just me and my neighbors who are family. But amongst them, is this pretty girl who is always being overly friendly & playful.. She has a good humor & a sweet charisma..

She likes talking and laughing with me a lot which has even gotten the attention of her people in the compound. With this her playful character, I started getting confuse about my feelings for her.. She can’t stay a day without calling my name to see me or come to my room to ask for irrelevant things. We’ve been so close over some couple of days now.. She gives me her phone to view pictures and even allowing me to go through her chats on fb.

Though she told me she has a bf, but the bf stays very far from her like in another LGA which I’m not sure of when last they met .. Though, I’ve kissed her once in my room lying on top of her but she didn’t return the kiss and she didn’t reject it either.. I did the same thing at our varenda.. She just laughed and left. I also did it once when I told her to close her eyes, she did and I planted a light kiss on her.. She smiled and left. So seeing and observing all these, my mind started playing foul play on me.

I got her WhatsApp no, the way she even obliged to give me d no slf like say she bin dey wait for me to ask am marveled me. So on WhatsApp, after some few funny chats, I went in to know her feelings for me by asking her why she didn’t return my kiss when I kissed her in my room. Omoh! Her reply shocked me and immediately changed my mind o.. She was like, “jeez! I didn’t av any reason to do that.. and besides, I’m not ur boo.. You’re just a neighbor ”

After I got that reply, I felt bad and I blamed myslf till I started thinking if I went too far or crossed the boundary.

But yet still she’s always d one to msg me first on WhatsApp even when sHe doesn’t deserve to msg first. I will snub her and she’ll still msg to know why then later say she’s sorry.

If she sees me, she’ll smile like nothing happened.

Pls house, I’m confused o.. I really like this girl esp her character.. I know she likes me a lot.. Just want to know if she’s hiding her feelings from me or she just not interested in me.. because I’m not the type to beg a girl into a relationship.


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