[Link Up With Dan] I Will Never Forgive Her For This – A Fellow Naijaloadite

Dear Naijaloadites, this is the Saturday’s edition of Link up with Dan. Today we have a Fellow reader who is pained by what this lady did to him.


I never wanted to share this experience but decided to open up today not minding the the shame, and seeing that this program really helps people.

Before i continue, i will love to use this opportunity to curse the first day i set my eyes on Chioma (our landladies only daughter )

Seeing her on my dreams every night was a clear indication to me that she is meant for me. i never knew that hunger could be the cause of such dreams.

Her beauty didnt even allow me to give the whole thing a second thought . Her physical appearance even exceeded my taste . Tall, chocolate in colour, hips too is mind blowing . very very eloquent and outspoken .

I told my self that their is no harm in trying. So i decided that before that week runs off, that i must tell chioma my mind. I started reading articles online, just to get more lines and punch lines.

My key words on google and search engines was “how to get a rich girl“. after three days of intensive reading, i started seeing my self as a pro and a love doc. The final stage in my preperation was using my standing fan as a mental picture of her while i stand close to the fan droping my punch lines.

On that faithful evening, i saw her with a keg approaching the filling station very close to our area. I rushed into my apartment, said a brief prayer, brushed my teeth, changed my shirt and applied my 212 collection perfume which i bought 15k for this particular journey.

I briefly memorised my lines , took a cold water and left. I sat infront of my neighbour`s shop which is the only place she must pass before entering her house. 15 minutes later , i saw my soon to be girlfriend coming out with one fresh guy.

He was not dressing as rich as my self, but i needed no prophet to tell me that he is a bigger boy. My heart sank, i got confused . so many thoughts started coming in while they approached me. Luckly to me , the guy stopped, gave her a heart breaking hug and started moving north.

I told my self that all hope is not lost , that my time is now. it didnt take 2 minutes for her to get to were i was . I approached her and started dropping my lines.

After five minutes of talking, she smiled and asked me to come over to her house the next day by 9am, when the mum must have gone to work. with her reason being that it is getting dark already and she needed to deliver the fuel to the mum.

she left for her house while i walked back to my neighbour`s shop like a boss and demanded for a cold bottle of orijin. I liberally gave out two bottles to my neighbour and his wife. I was drinking mine like a hero. That day seems to be my best day on earth. I went back to my apartment and mailed all the blog owners whom i read all their articles, expressing my gratitude.

The night was very long, day refused to break, i could not even sleep. 9am kept on ringing on my ear. I was busy all through the night imagining how the moment will be like. i even forgot that i had 8am appointment with a client.

Infront of her gate by 9:15 , i entered through the small gate. After 2 minutes of knocking on the well fited turkish door leading to their sitting room, she came out with a smile and led me in.

The beauty of the sitting room and its setting rendered me speechless. The plazma tv alone is bigger than my whole room. The cooling effect from the airconditioner gave me a full sense of belonging.

She passed the Dstv remote control to me and asked me to feel at home. I was like “hmmm see wife material o“.
when she noticed that i have already felt at home as she asked me to, the next thing i heard was “MUM, HE IS HERE“

hmmmmm my friends , nobi me go talk what happend next o. End of story

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